There is No Solution to the Problem of “Fake News”

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn the aftermath of the 2016 election, the term “fake news”, seldom heard previously, became ubiquitous. This was, of course, no coincidence: the unexpected victory of Donald Trump cried out for an explanation, and invoking the concept was one such attempt by the president’s many critics, who could not bring themselves to face the possibility that he won fairly […]

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Does the Future of Religion Lie in Technology?

Reading Time: 7 minutesPeople’s lives are so saturated with it that they sometimes speak of “withdrawal symptoms” on those increasingly rare occasions when they find themselves without internet access. The question then is whether religion dies out and mankind continues without it, or whether one or many new religions are born into the vacuum that will be left {…]

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What to Watch in 2018: The Biggest Tech Trends of the Year to Come

Reading Time: 3 minutes2017 has been a tumultuous year the world over – not least in technology. Between massive hacks of public and private organisations, the death of net neutrality in America, and the massive (and temporary) upsurge in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, 2018 might have a tall bill to live up to. Here are the top five predictions for big tech trends over the coming twelve months [..]

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Google versus Amazon: Whoever Wins, Consumers Lose

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe internet has always been defined by struggles between the titans. Just think of the Browser Wars – first fought between Internet Explorer and Netscape, and later Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer. They were sources of great innovation, certainly – looking back at a browser from even the mid 2000s is like dealing with alien technology […]

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Don’t be Seduced by Techno-Optimism

Reading Time: 6 minutesThere has long been an assumption that on balance, technological advancement is always a good thing. I would like to challenge this assumption, in two ways: First, let us consider the past. In the 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, the now infamous Luddites tried and failed to stop technological progress. They are now considered […]

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Is Facebook a Technology or a Media Company?
Reading Time: 1 minute

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Here’s a transcript of the presentation

Facebook calls itself a technology company

  • Technology companies should not have political leanings nor bias
  • Meanwhile, a media company has a communicative vision and purpose
  • They do have bias
  • This May, Gizmodo revealed Facebook routinely suppressed conservative news stories in the ‘trending’ section of your news feed
  • A former Facebook worker said:
  • “Workers prevented stories about the right wing CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly-influential section, even thought they were organically trending among the site’s users”

If Facebook workers tamper with a news feed then your new feed is biased

  • Meanwhile Facebook claims their trending topics are simply popular articles shared around the world

Why should you care?

  • A reader of traditional media can educated themselves about hte biases associated with that content
  • A readwe has no idea how to interpret the articles they read on Facebook
  • Which gives Facebook enormous influential power in how we think

Why should we worry?

  • 1 billion people log onto Facebook every day
  • 60% Americans get their news direct from Facebook
  • With a huge audience – Facebook gets a lot of money from advertisers
  • Which should be going to the publishers
  • News outlets and publishers are closing around the world because they can’t make any money

Could this be the end of an independent, open and varied web?

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Publish Directly to WordPress with Cronycle
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Cronycle WordPress integration

As you may already know, you can embed your news feeds (collections) directly to your WordPress site, which is great for having a continuously updating feed which keeps your readers informed.

Today, we are excited to announce a new integration with WordPress. You can send drafts of new articles and posts directly to WordPress from Cronycle boards.

We understand that many of our users are using Cronycle to research new ideas and find articles which give credibility and authority to their new posts. Now, when you are writing and editing a new note on a Cronycle board, you can draft a post to send to WordPress.

[quoter color=”jeans”]Send a WordPress post direct to your site from Cronycle boards![/quoter]

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How to publish to WordPress from Cronycle

When you write a note on a board, you’ll have the option to create a draft for WordPress.

Save Note To WordPress

In order to send a draft to WordPress simply enter the heading and press create note ready for WordPress. To schedule your post you should enter a desired time and date, this is optional.

Save to WordPress

Once you have hit ‘send to WordPress’ the following modal will come up:

Cronycle WordPress integration

You will have to enter your WordPress URL (remember to include the http:// or https://), and your WordPress username and password. Then press ‘Send Draft to WordPress’.

Then you’ll see the draft of the post appear in your WordPress.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.34.12

We’re really excited about getting feedback about this new integration! We’ve developed it so our users can facilitate their content production process. Please contact us with your feedback and let us know what you think!

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Tech Startup Day 2016 – Brussels
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tech start up day brussels

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With more and more entrepreneurs in Europe and worldwide, it’s becoming more important to create networks of people who are trying to find the best process for a new business. How do you get funding for the early stages? When is the best time to hire your first employee? How do you create a monetisation model?

Tech Start Up day in Brussels is instrumental in giving advice and networks to start-ups. At Cronycle, we want to share some best practice articles and ideas so that you can keep informed of current and future trends in entrepreneurship.

Here’s a list of what the speakers and workshop leads are tweeting about, before, after and during the event.

[cronycle collection=”p69fc4334″ name=”Tech Start-up Speakers” style=”inline-slideshow” width=”100%” height=”550px” instance=”1455280100267″]


Key topics:


Funding for start-ups

For many start-ups, it’s a huge financial risk for the founders to leave their job and start a new business. As a result, understanding the best ways to fund your business is critical. Is it wise to try and bootstrap your business compared with going to the effort of finding investors? What are the best ways to impress venture capitalists and quickly grow your business?

With all these things, the nature of your business will depend on the course you take. There are different rules for new agencies and consultancies in comparison to SaaS and e-commerce platforms.

Here’s a selection of articles that mention Startup funding and investment:

[cronycle collection=”p6a66ccd1″ name=”Start up Funding” style=”inline-slideshow” width=”100%” height=”550px” instance=”1455280130951″]


Cronycle is a collaboration platform for content. You can curate articles like we’ve done above, and also work in teams to create intelligence.

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Talent – Finding the best employees in the early stages

For the first hires, it is a similar risk for the founders. Although they are guaranteeing themselves a salary and maybe some equity, there is every chance the business could go bust in the next 3 months, and the work involved can be chaotic and unprocessed.

Added to this, finding the right employees can make or break a business in it’s early stages. You want someone with the right amount of experience and the right amount of hunger to push the business forward.

Finding talent isn’t necessarily just about finding the right people. It also takes a fair amount of strategy to know which employees will deliver the most value. Do you need an iOS developer or a marketing expert? Which will help to grow the business more? Where are the founders lacking expertise and you need a helping hand. Is it wise to go for an employee at all and instead look for freelancers?

Again, to help you navigate through this minefield we have curated a selection of articles about Startups and recruitment.

[cronycle collection=”pea292f57″ name=”Startup:Finding the best” style=”inline-slideshow” width=”100%” height=”550px” instance=”1455280148755″]


Cronycle is an excellent platform for start ups to help their strategy and their marketing. We’re a collaboration platform for long form content.

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Marketing – finding your first customers

With the rise of inbound marketing and content, the old ways of finding your first customers by networking and cold calls has been completely disrupted. What is required is a brand new set of skills to market yourselves. Do you need a growth hacker to help you grow a user base quickly through the first few months? How much investment are you going to put into your content marketing? And is there still room for traditional sales expertise and business development?

Find out more via these curated articles

[cronycle collection=”p7b360416″ name=”First Customers” style=”inline-slideshow” width=”100%” height=”550px” instance=”1455280272233″]


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Who won’t stop banging on about Emojis?
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Emoji is the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ – but which technology news sites won’t stop talking about it?

We took the twitter feeds of 5 prominent technology sites; TechCrunch, The Next Web, The Verge, Wired and VentureBeat and searched how many articles they posted contained the word ‘emoji’.

We take the twitter feeds of tech blogs and filter them by the keyword 'emoji'

We take the twitter feeds of tech blogs and filter them by the keyword ’emoji’

We were then able to see that articles which contain the word ’emoji’ are posted 3 times a day – and @WIRED appears to be the most vocal about it.

Emoji Analytics

This is compared to the fact that these twitter handles post a total of 170 articles a day and @TechCrunch is usually the noisiest source. That’s a lot of reading if you want to look at it all!

TechSite Twitter Feed Analytics

Given that these blogs only use the word ’emoji’ in 1.7% of their posts – is Oxford Dictionary right that it should be the word of the year?!

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Stats correct as of 19 November 2015

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